Welcome to the  Athabasca River  and the  Class 6 Grand Rapids

Well off the beaten path in a remote and untouched area of northern Alberta, lie the historic Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids Island; where some of the world’s largest concretions have formed a natural dam that has withstood the forces of nature for centuries, in order to create these Class VI rapids and a truly unique and mystifying wonder for one to behold.

Your adventure begins at or near the town of Athabasca, as you dip your paddle, board one of our specifically designed jet boats or bring your own boat on an unforgettable journey down the majestic Athabasca River, en route to our back country lodge. Every bend of this magnificent river offers you amazing sights of untouched wilderness, incredible scenery, and an abundance of wildlife in its natural habitat; including elk, moose, deer, black bear, and timber wolves, as well as numerous species of waterfowl and birds of prey.

Along this forgotten stretch of river there are also a number of historical sites that dot the banks; remnants of days gone by, when the Athabasca River was a major trade route for the First Nations people, and later for explorers, settlers, gold miners, and trappers alike. Many of these ruins and artifacts still remain for those who wish to discover.

Situated just a fifteen minute boat ride above the Grand Rapids, our lodge awaits you and takes you back to the days of a less hurried time and away from the worries and hustle and bustle of the modern world.

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